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Once You Go Black You Never Go Back!

First and foremost, I would like to make an apology to all Bieber fans here. I'm really sorry but I just could not let this photo not to share, can't blame me it so outrageous and hilarious. 

Here is a photo that have been circulating the web since last night, it's an edited photo of Floyd Mayweather Jr and his good neighbor Justin Beiber. Credits to the skilled and imaginative mind to whoever edit this photo. So what can you say about the  photo, does it fit right? :D


Get Intimate!

Ahh the two of you finally alone . . . He/she is giving signs, you just need to get her/him the right mood and the of you will be on for a night of passionate and intimate lovemaking. The question is how would you get her/him on that right mood, use this checklist to prepare for the most romantic night of your life.

* CANDLES - lighting makes a big difference in setting the mood, so turn overhead and lie with your love one in a candlelit room. Put floating tealights in a tub a water, so that you can go at it all night without causing a fire. Best if you use therapeutic and scented candles.

*DARK CHOCOLATES - What is it in chocolates that make it perfect foreplay food? Studies shown that chocolates contain the same chemicals in our brains that are releases in moments of passion, lust, and euphoria. Feed each other of your favorite dark choco and just few seconds, both of you are in the mood. 

*STRAWBERRIES - strawberry inspire romantic mood!, that its why strawberry-flavored condoms sell the most. So if you cant find the actual strawberry, a condom flavored is enough.

* SEXY MUSIC PLAYLIST - come up with your own playlist of turn-me-on music, then play it with on your musicplayer and keep the volume low enough to encourage a little dirty talking, but loud enough to make both you want to slow-dance to the music, while grinding into each other.

* FEATHERS AND FUR - when getting in the mood for sex, touch plays a very important role. Heighten the sensation by trailing feathers or fur on his/her or your skin. Add some more love bumps by asking him/her to kiss the spot you're circling with your feather.

Well those are just the few things you can use in getting to the right mood, hope this can help you.

Man Of Steel: Arrested!

It's a bird! It's a plane! No its Superman! - classic Superman lines followed by a theme song, yeah! classic!

Well after news broke that new Superman movie entitled "Man Of Steel" begun to shoot, superhero fan and die hard comic fan just can't wait a sneak peak to this movie. Unfortunately producers and the director of the movie have been supplying short details about the story, but here is something fans should cheer for Warner Bros. just released a movie poster of the awaited movie. The poster was said to be a "reward" after the production company promised the fans through the official Dark Knight Rises Facebook Page. 

Many got more excite and intrigue when finally the first official poster of the movie was released. Well it is really intriguing as you can see above the Man of Steel played by Christopher Nolan was somewhat arrested and handcuffed, what are those handcuffed made off? (possibly kryptonite), and I like the new suite looks like he wore his underwear the right now. 

Also an update for this movie an official movie trailer of it will debut alongside the showing of "The Hobbit: Unexpected Journey". The director describe the movie trailer somewhat "Crazy!" and "Amazing!". A movie trailer and a poster well I thinks that perfect to tease more the waiting fans.

Experience Facebook in a Different way, Personalize Your Facebook Log In Background

Are you bored with Facebook conventional look?, especially when logging on the site, it is kinda boring to have the it same look all over again. So why not change it, if your a Google Chrome or any Chrome web browser user will you have the choice to change and personalize your Log in background and have all new experience in enjoying Facebook.

Ladies and gentlemen I introduce you FB Refresh, this is chrome extension has been on the web long before  but  few enjoyed it because of lots bug on the extension, but the creators of this extension have developed new version which fixes those bugs that limiting people to enjoy FB Refresh.

Here is how to use FB refresh, but again this works only if you are Chrome Web Browser user.

  1. First thing to do is install the extension for free by going to Chrome Store or by just clicking this link FB Refresh
  2. Then  click Add to Chrome

      3. After you install the extension go to and if your already log in on the site better    log-out to see the new look. And you will see the default background like this.
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